The Cost of Going Green with House Painting

exterior painter decoratorWhile many homeowners want to be green in their home remodeling and even their painting, there is the question of cost to consider. Often, the green solution is more expensive in the short term, even if it does save money and preserve the environment over time. We want to look for a few minutes at the kinds of costs going green with your house painting is going to accrue.

First of all, you need to realise that there isn’t a cut and dried cost answer. We can’t say that it will cost so much to paint your home with green, environmentally friendly paints. There is the cost of the material to consider, how large your house is and what kind of paint job you need. Do you need just the exterior painted, or are you painting the interior as well? Do you want to use multiple coats or just a single coat?

Do you swing for the highest quality green paints or just whatever is most affordable?

All the answers to these questions will determine what your total cost is, and that answer will be very different for different people. So, we can’t just assign a number to you, but we can tell you that it will cost you more upfront to go green with the painting than it would to use traditional paints and traditional painting techniques. However, you have to consider the value to you over time provided by green painting.

Consider how much healthier your family will be and how you will be protecting them and the environment by choosing higher quality and toxin-free paints. It may be hard to justify the costs upfront, but once you look at it long term and how much value going green can create, then you may start to see the benefits.

There are a lot of green options for consumers these days who want to paint their home in an environmentally friendly way. Water-based paints and paints with low VOCs are great alternatives to more traditional types of paints. These are paints you can buy yourself, but if you are going to hire someone else do the painting for you, you can simply request that they use one of these greener paint types.

Keep in mind that they may have to paint in a different way than what they are used to in order to make sure the paint takes to the house and to ensure that job is done well, but it can be worth it over time. Not every professional painter may be able or may be willing to provide this service to you, so keep looking until you find one who will.

Be sure to choose a painter and decorator in Dublin that has experience with these kinds of paints, otherwise you can end up with a less than satisfactory paint job.

You don’t want to waste your money, especially when it comes to such an expensive painting job, so take time to select your painters carefully.