Give Your Home a Faux Paint Finish

Have you ever wished that your home was made of different materials to give it a more eye-catching look? Maybe your walls are made from sheet-rock or you have vinyl siding on your home’s exterior, but you would like a different material that had more character and surface texture.

You might be tired of looking at the same textures and the same type of paint on your walls, both inside and outside of your home.

It’s common for people to grow bored of how their walls look after a while, and just slapping a new coat of paint onto them and painting them a different colour just doesn’t quite solve the problem after a while.

In cases like these, we would recommend that the homeowner try faux painting finishes. These are professional finishes that make your walls look like they are made from a different texture, because the painting techniques create a unique textured look. These are finishes that can be made to mimic other materials that aren’t actually being used.

So, a sheetrock wall can be made to look like stucco or coarse rock. It’s a great way to get a new look without having to remodel or use
new materials.

However, this isn’t the kind of finish that just anyone can pull off. We recommend that you hire a professional to create a textured finish for your paint, as most people don’t have the skill or tools to be able to pull off this kind of aesthetic. It takes a lot of practice and the right equipment to get a new look from the same walls, and you’ll want to ask around to see which painting professionals can manage this look for you.

The professional painter may apply paint in layers to create a more textured look and feel. This kind of technique can be used to create the look of stone, crumbling masonry, fossils and even peeling paint, if that is the kind of aesthetic you want to go for. This can make a home feel more lived in and storied and it doesn’t have to be something that is done over the entire wall’s surface.

Many people opt for these kinds of touches around framed photos, fireplaces or other highlights on their walls. This kind of texturing can draw attention to specific details and showcase aspects of your home that would otherwise feel mundane.

While most of these techniques have to be use indoors, there are a few that will work on our home’s exterior. You can talk to your painter to find out what kind of options are available to you and decide what affects you want to go with based on your budget and tastes. You might be surprised at some of the effects that are possible when a professional painter uses some of these non-standard techniques.

They can create amazing textures and patterns that would not be possible with traditional painting and give your home an entirely new look that you will love.