Painting an Older House

A home that’s been around for a few decades or even hundreds of years is something to take pride in. This is the kind of home that may require some extra maintenance and upkeep to ensure it looks great, but that classical architecture just can’t be beat.

When it come time to paint a home like this, though, you need to take a few things into consideration. The age of the house means that it may need some work before it can be ready for a proper painting. If the home has some leaks or rough patches, they may need to be fixed before you can start painting.

If there is any excess moisture trapped in the house, due to holes where rainwater gets in or leaks from the plumbing, then that can cause problems with a new paint job. The trapped moisture can cause the paint to bubble and eventually fall off, making for a patchy and uneven surface that is going to mar the beauty of your home.

You definitely need to get any water issues fixed and ensure that all the surfaces are completely dried out before you begin painting. If you need to fix some plumbing or leaking problems, make sure you give yourself a few days after that before you begin painting so that everything can dry properly. You may even need to set up some fans and increase ventilation to hurry up the drying process.

Older homes are more likely to have rough surfaces that have started to decay or fall apart over time. Rotten wood, rusted metal and other surfaces in need of repairs are ready to be painted over. They can deteriorate or have trouble keeping paint stuck to them after a paint job, and you want to prepare these surfaces before you begin your painting.

Be sure the your professional Dublin painter replaces any rotted materials, scrub off the rust and smooth down rough areas. That way, your paint is more likely to adhere to the surface and stay there for longer.

flaking exterior paint

It’s important that you know when to clean or maintain surfaces and when you just need to get rid of the materials and start fresh. If you aren’t sure how to properly treat and prepare surfaces in an older home for painting, then you may want to call in a painting expert to give you some advice or to prepare and even paint the house for you.

Ultimately, you want to ensure that your paint job lasts. Otherwise, you have just thrown away some money that you can’t recoup. A solid paint job can last for years, but if you did not properly prepare the surface and get rid of excess water in the home, then it may only last for a matter of months before it needs replacing. That’s a lot of work to redo, and you can avoid all that by taking proper precautions and ensuring that your older home is prepped for the painting.