Should You Paint or Refinish Wood?

When it comes time to spruce up the woodwork in your home, do you opt for repainting the cabinets, doors and other features or do you refinish them? There are pros and cons to each method, which we want to get into that a little bit here.

It’s usually cheaper and faster to simply repaint, as you don’t have to do as much work to make the paint stick. You may need to sand down the wood a little bit and do some other minor preparation work, but for the most part, it should be pretty straightforward to paint over the existing woodwork.

You may want to go with a two-fold approach, painting the exterior of the wood and then staining the interior. That way, your cabinets and such can match on both sides. This is probably the fastest and simplest way to handle sprucing up the woodwork in your home, but you should consider the benefits of refinishing.

If you refinish the wood, then you will have to put in a lot of work to get decent results and it will cost you more than other methods, but it can definitely be worth it. A refinished cabinet looks natural and beautiful, and it can last for a very long time. It can also increase the value if your home and make it easier to resell, if that is what you are interested in.

If the wood has been stained before, and you want to just paint over it, then you will have to undertake a different process with it than you would if it had never been stained before. You’ll need to fill in all the nail holes, either by sanding or caulking. The larger ones will have it be caulked. You will also need to clean off the wood with a detergent and prime the stained areas before you paint. The primer will ensure that the new coat of paint will stick.

Painting over a stained wood fixture usually requires two coats of paint. This provides you with a smooth, glossy finish. You could also simply spray on the paint. While this will cost more, it will take less time and often produce a more beautiful finish.

If you aren’t sure what to do with your wood and how you should cover it over, then you may want to consult a painting specialist. You can have your cabinets, doors and other wood work evaluated to find out what the best way to deal with them would be and how much each method will cost you. Keep in mind that the way you cover your wood will determine how long it lasts, how nice it looks and how much it will increase the value of your home.

It can be worth it to put in the extra time or the extra money to get a look that you are happy with and that preserves the wood for a long time to come.